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Can you really build biceps without weights

Can you really build biceps without weights? Yep, by using your body as the dumb bell. That’s not saying you’re a dumb bell or anything, but you can use the weight of your body to increase the strength and size of your arms and legs. So, your biceps will look like you workout at the gym, but you actually workout at home.

The advantages of building up your arms are tenfold. The first is you look great and powerful. The second is the cost of workout equipment, the third is you can always take it with you, and the fourth is you choose the time to build your biceps. No waiting in line for the equipment.

There’s no quick ways to build muscle unless you take steroids, but you can workout everyday to build your arms up. No weight workouts may be better than going to the gym everyday. There are several exercises you can do that will build your arms up to champion size.

Chaturanga Dandasana for biceps without weights

The first is called the Chaturanga Dandasana or roughly translated, four limb staff pose. It’s a yoga posture, but you can use it to build up your biceps without weights.

Lie down on the floor like you are going to do push-ups. Bring your arms as close to your body as possible with your hands even with your chest rather than out to the sides.

Push up from the floor as many times as you can. Rest and repeat. This not only builds the biceps but it also builds the triceps, abdominal, deltoids, and strengthens the rotator cuff.

Wall push-up to create bicceps without weights

You can stand back from a wall about 3 feet and do push-up on the wall. This strengthens the biceps as will as the back and legs. Another way to build your biceps without weights is to find a doorway and use the little ledge and do pull-up. This will build your biceps very fast as well as you triceps.

Use a chair to do push-up on. If you have kids, have them sit on your back while you do push-ups. You can also do push-ups against a wall in a hand stand. Go into a hand stand with your feet against the wall. Do as many push-up as you can. Then do some more. It will build up your biceps fast as well as giving you balance and strength.

Upside down push-ups to build biceps without weights

You can use stairs and do upside down push-ups, and of course, any doorway can be used for pull-ups. You can use the kids swing set, the fence, the doghouse, or any other items that will works for push or pull ups.

Using your body weight can and will increase the size of your biceps. Most trainers will tell you it won’t last for long because there is not resistance for the muscles to gain strength.

However, instead of using weights, you can do more repetitions of each exercise. So course, there is always cutting firewood, digging fence holes, and other outdoor jobs that will build up your biceps without weights.

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