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How The Muscle Maximizer Can Help Build Biceps Without Weights

April 3rd, 2012 No comments
biceps without weights with the muscle maximizer

Hi, Steve here!

Back when I was 23 and, just out of college, I had no biceps and the Freshmen Fifteen were really starting to block me from enjoying life to the fullest. I tried to develop a six pack and biceps by weight lifting, but that failed quickly.

Then I tried to build my biceps without weights and started to see some results but could never maintain them. Girls weren’t paying attention to me, and my friends were making snide comments about the weight that I had put on. I needed help and I found it in the Muscle Maximizer.

I’ve always been a little big, but when I went to school and picked up a few extra pounds (the notorious Freshman Fifteen!) it became obvious that I was overweight. I had been right on the cusp before, so that if I wore the right clothes you couldn’t really tell that I had flab instead of muscle. With the extra weight, I looked fleshy and fat.

Not only that, but I had scrawny arms! Once the extra weight got packed on I looked like a T-Rex! Skinny arms with no muscle, but a round torso with love handles. I looked bizarre and felt very self-conscious.

I tried working out but with no success. I tried building biceps without weights and saw results but failed to keep them. I thought I needed to kick my body into gear, but I was getting no where fast. I tried a personal trainer but the cost was high, the hours were long, and I couldn’t function at work the next day because I was too tired from working out all night long.

I wasn’t getting the results I needed…until a friend of mine saw me struggling at the gym one day.

My buddy had been out of town on assignment for a few months, and when he came back, he caught up with me at the gym. When he left for his assignment, he looked sort of like me, but when he came back he looked like Hercules! I asked him what his secret was, expecting some crazy diet combined with a trend diet. Instead he started talking to me about the Muscle Maximizer.

==>Watch The Muscle Maximizer Video Here<==

The Muscle Maximizer is a dietary program that is scientifically designed to make muscle grow faster. He was able to surpass me with muscle building in just a few months because of this program! It helps stimulate muscles while working out. It targets biceps and abs. It could help develop calves and my chest. It had the ability to help me realize all of my goals!

Learn how the Muscle Maximizer can help you get big biceps without weights

And the best part was that it had several free incentives to help me build muscle quickly! The first FREE bonus included the 7 Days Out Program, which helps you with short term goals. The second FREE bonus includes a Fast-track 9 Week Muscle Building Program, which helps develop a day to day routine. The third FREE bonus includes the Seven Supplements Guide where Kyle Leon explains the seven supplements that will help your muscles grow faster, increase your metabolism, and make your workouts more effective.

I gave it a shot, and it worked! I avoided my friends that were rolling their eyes at me before, giving myself a little bit of time to take advantage of the Muscle Maximizer. When they saw me again they were blown away! In fact, my one friend didn’t recognize me at first! I had shed the weight and built up my arms to the size of pistons!

The Muscle Maximizer doesn’t just work, it succeeds where you’ve been failing. It can guide you, help you, reshape you into the person that you deserve to be.

==>Learn More About The Muscle Maximizer Here<==

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How To Develop Biceps Without Weights

April 3rd, 2012 No comments

Biceps have always been synonymous with weights. Dumbbells and barbells have been a man’s best friend who wanted to develop the curves and strong arms but it is also possible to develop biceps without weights. Some would instantly rule out the possibility but ask any fitness trainer or a body builder and they would tell you that it is entirely possible.

What one actually needs to do is put proper stress on the muscles to develop those curves and just like how calves can be developed by simple jogging and sprinting without the need of leg raises and other weights, similarly you can have biceps without weights through a few simple exercises.

biceps without weights

The most preferred exercise to develop biceps without weights is chin ups. You can easily set up a bar in your lawn or backyard. It can also be done in the porch or in your room itself. All you need to ensure is that it is at a height (one and a half feet) taller than you and that it is supported properly to withstand your body weight. Now, you may question how chin ups can help you develop biceps without weights? It works on a similar context as weights would.

The only difference here is that you have replaced the irons with your body weight. Chin ups should not be mixed up with pull ups as they are not only different exercises but also have different results. Chin ups are those where your arms are in sync with the width of your shoulder and you grip the rod with your palms facing yourself. Unlike pull ups, where the arms are farther apart and the palms face away from you. With chin ups, you must be able to pull your chin above the rod eventually unlike pull ups where you try to get the back of your neck closest to the rod.

Dip is another exercise through which you can develop biceps without weights. You should keep your palms at shoulder width and the elbows should be tucked into the body and not stretched out. It is one of the best free hand exercises that are there. Not only would dips help you to develop biceps without weight but it would also strengthen your arms which would assist you during chin ups. There are some stretching and arm rotation exercises as well but these two are the best if you want to get some good biceps without weights.

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Best way to Build Biceps Without Weights

March 25th, 2012 No comments

Hi Steve here!

I’m guessing your looking for the best solutions to get biceps without weights. If this is you, then I suggest you continue reading.

Let’s get to it….

Close Grip Chin Ups

I truly believe close grip chin ups are by far the most effective way to get results in your biceps without weights. Honestly they flat out HURT….but remember No Pain No Gain.
A reporter once asked Mohammed Ali how many sit-ups could he do.

His reply?

“I don’t count my sit-ups. I only start counting when it starts hurting. When I feel pain, that’s when I start counting, because that’s when it really counts.”

chin-ups to get big biceps without weights

Why Chin-Ups Build Biceps Without Weights

Close grip chinups are considered to be a bodyweight exercise . Because your body is moving through space instead of just moving dumbells relative to your body. These exercises are the best for building biceps without weights because your bicep is never in relax mode.

The tension placed on your bicep is constant throughout the full motion range. Which will cause the muscle fiber to breakdown and promote muscle growth.

At Home Chinups Build Biceps Without Weights

That’s right, no more crowded gyms. You can now do chin-ups in the comfort of your own home. Walmart sales a good chin-up bar called the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar. But if Walmart is out of stock, you can save a few bucks at

chin-up bar to get big biceps without weights

I’ve used the chinup bar for about 3 months and it’s my favorite. Fits just about every door frame. I only suggest you place a wash cloth over the chin-up bar’s door extension because the black cushion can sometimes smudge against the doorframe. But overall this is the best way to get biceps without weights. [Read more reviews…]

Resistance Band Bicep Curls

Ok I admit I was skeptical at first. I remember thinking, how in the world this resistance band could help me get biceps without weights. So before I tried it out, I did some research. What I found was amazing!

Resistance Band to get big biceps without weights

The disadvantage of using free weights to do bicep curls is that most of the work only occurs at the beginning when you start to move the weigh. And at the top of the curl there is a slight moment where the bicep relaxes.

Not true for resistance bands. Because the resistance increases as the band stretches.

So what does this mean?

Well as you pull through the curl, the motion gets more difficult giving you more development in your biceps without weights. So I tried it out for 2 weeks. And let’s just say I’m no longer skeptical.

Yes resistance bands really work! Biceps without weights…..yep I’m hooked. But don’t just take my word, you can [read more reviews here.]

How the Muscle Maximizer can help you build Biceps without weights

Learn how the Muscle Maximizer can help you get big biceps without weights

When doing any sort of exercise routine to build biceps without weights it is important to also take steps to ensure you are getting the most out of your workouts and also that your body can maintain the additional muscle in your arms and chest.

The muscle maximizer program gives your body all it needs to have the energy to rip through any of these great workouts, recover faster after the workouts, and get the most results from workouts that build biceps without weights.

If your body doesn’t have all the important nutrients it needs to build and maintain the muscles than it won’t matter how hard you work. With the muscle maximizer program you’ll be able to quickly build your biceps without weights, and maintain them for life.

Click here to get the Muscle maximizer and see it stimulate your muscles to grow,
even while you’re not working out!

You’ll love having the attractive biceps, abs, chest and even legs you’ve wanted, and the best thing is they will last for years.

In addition to the muscle maximizer, you’ll also get three free bonuses to help build your biceps without weights. These bonuses include a 7 day program to help you look your best before an event, a fast acting 9 week muscle building program and a guide on the top supplements you need to ensure proper muscle growth fast!

===>Click here to learn more about the Muscle Maximizer<===

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Can you really build biceps without weights

March 24th, 2012 No comments

Can you really build biceps without weights? Yep, by using your body as the dumb bell. That’s not saying you’re a dumb bell or anything, but you can use the weight of your body to increase the strength and size of your arms and legs. So, your biceps will look like you workout at the gym, but you actually workout at home.

The advantages of building up your arms are tenfold. The first is you look great and powerful. The second is the cost of workout equipment, the third is you can always take it with you, and the fourth is you choose the time to build your biceps. No waiting in line for the equipment.

There’s no quick ways to build muscle unless you take steroids, but you can workout everyday to build your arms up. No weight workouts may be better than going to the gym everyday. There are several exercises you can do that will build your arms up to champion size.

Chaturanga Dandasana for biceps without weights

The first is called the Chaturanga Dandasana or roughly translated, four limb staff pose. It’s a yoga posture, but you can use it to build up your biceps without weights.

Lie down on the floor like you are going to do push-ups. Bring your arms as close to your body as possible with your hands even with your chest rather than out to the sides.

Push up from the floor as many times as you can. Rest and repeat. This not only builds the biceps but it also builds the triceps, abdominal, deltoids, and strengthens the rotator cuff.

Wall push-up to create bicceps without weights

You can stand back from a wall about 3 feet and do push-up on the wall. This strengthens the biceps as will as the back and legs. Another way to build your biceps without weights is to find a doorway and use the little ledge and do pull-up. This will build your biceps very fast as well as you triceps.

Use a chair to do push-up on. If you have kids, have them sit on your back while you do push-ups. You can also do push-ups against a wall in a hand stand. Go into a hand stand with your feet against the wall. Do as many push-up as you can. Then do some more. It will build up your biceps fast as well as giving you balance and strength.

Upside down push-ups to build biceps without weights

You can use stairs and do upside down push-ups, and of course, any doorway can be used for pull-ups. You can use the kids swing set, the fence, the doghouse, or any other items that will works for push or pull ups.

Using your body weight can and will increase the size of your biceps. Most trainers will tell you it won’t last for long because there is not resistance for the muscles to gain strength.

However, instead of using weights, you can do more repetitions of each exercise. So course, there is always cutting firewood, digging fence holes, and other outdoor jobs that will build up your biceps without weights.

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